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Dr. Kuldeep Arora is a leading cardiologist in Gurgaon (NCR), he is committed to provide patients with professional care and personalized attention to address their health needs.

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About Dr. Kuldeep Arora

Dr Kuldeep Arora is Senior Consultant Cardiologist in Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, he has 20+ years of experience in interventional cardiology and has successfully performed over 12000 therapeutic cardiac interventions including coronary angioplasties, permanent pacemaker implantations, AICD’s, biventricular pacemakers and atrial septal defect device closure procedures.


MBBS – Government Medical College, Jabalpur, 1999 
MD – General Medicine – Gandhi Medical College ,Bhopal, 2002 
DM – Cardiology – Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research Bangalore, 2007

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Our patients have praised us for our service, and we have been recognized with national and international recognition.
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We are one of the best cardiologist in guraon, with over 20+ years of experience in interventional cardiology and has successfully performed over 12000 therapeutic cardiac interventions.


Expect in radial coronary Angiography and independently performed >15000 coronary Angiography procedures. 


Expect in performing simple and complex Angioplasties including primary Angioplasty

We are one of the best health clinics in town, with over 25 certified and qualified.
ICD Placement
We are one of the best health clinics in town, with over 25 certified and qualified.
CRT Device
We are one of the best health clinics in town, with over 25 certified and qualified.

Why Choose Us?

Dr Kuldeep Arora is one of the best Cardiologist in Gurgaon (NCR)

Highly experienced
Comprehensive and caring approach to patient diagnosis, treatment and management
Patient focused
Excellent surgical outcomes
Appointments available for private, Workcover and international patients.
Efficient and clear communications with referring doctors and health professionals involved in the patient’s care.

Patient Reviews

It has been very satisfying experience during my treatment and after treatment as well. He explains difficult situation and reports in a very simpler and practical way for patient and family to build trust on treatment

Satya Pal Happy Patient

I visited doctor for genetic cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol problem, I must say he is very genuine. gives ample time and explain the situation in detail. Really appreciate his way of consultation and above all he is very qualified....i will recommend him for any kind of cardiovascular diseases

Vijay Singh Kushwah Happy Patient

My father(G G Anthony) was taken into the emergency in late Dec 2019 for a mild heart attack. following which his case was taken up by Dr. Kuldeep Arora. Dr. Kuldeep Arora handled my fathers case (pacemaker implantation) and health with great precision all along

Janice Stone Happy Patient

Dr. Kuldeep is thorough gentleman while dealing with his patients. He is very patient while listening to patients concern and he has excellent knowledge of the subject. Most important aspect is explains in detail the treatment planned and explains each and every details why a certain medication is given and what are the anticipated results. In today's healthcare scenario Dr. Kuldeep comes across as honest clinician delivering ethical services. Most important he can be easily reached in case if any emergency over phone. I would highly recommend Dr. Kuldeep for Hear related ailments.

Gaurav Malhotra Happy Patient

My wife and me have been consulting Dr Kuldeep Arora for the past about 3 years for the management of our high B P problem. We have found him a very very competent professional with a human touch. He examines thoroughly and gives a sound advice. We have never felt the need for another consultation with another doctor after visiting him. He has a very pleasant personality that connects him to the patient easily. We have been recommending him to our other needy friends and relatives. We wish him all the best.

SK Gupta Happy Patient

Review TextDr Arora is a dedicated interventional cardiologist at Paras,Gurgaon.He took keen interest in treating my wife who is ailing with stroke complicated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with renal artery stenosis with coronary artery disease.She underwent coronary angioplasty and is quite stable now. Dr Arora is a gentle person ,his friendly behaviour, promptness in attending to cardiac patients and his availability even at odd hours in the night is remarkable.

Rajesh Saxena Happy Patient

Dr Kuldeep Arora is a brilliant and amazing doctor and a super phenomenal human being. He gives undisturbed time and focus and unlike other doctors, he listens and asks questions to get clarity on background and ailment before he recommends treatment and / or tests. I have found him to be one of the best Cardio doctor in India. His empathy towards his patients and the care he displays is far more crucial which is then backed by excellent treatment and care.

Zaheer Abbas Happy Patient

We consulted Dr. Arora for my wife’s chest pain. He gave patient listening to us, explained in detail the nature of problem. Further, he was very sensible about recommending tests and did not just recommend all sorts of tests. Most importantly, he did not create any kind of panic, which is becoming rare with a lot of doctors these days. All in all, it was a great experience.

Praveen Singh Happy Patient

Our family had 3 covid positive patients with different timelines and different underlying issues. Not only did Doctor Kuldeep treat each patiently and separately he was accessible at odd hours too when things got bad. His patience and expertise guided us all safely with other members safe and unaffected in this pandemic. Extremely grateful.

Puja Sood Happy Patient

I was admitted in Paras hospital after sever chest pain in 100% blockage of main artery. I have attended by Dr Kuldeep Arora. Dr Kuldeep Arora is a dedicated interventional cardiologist at Paras hospital. He has a very pleasant personality, friendly behavior that connects him to the patient easily. Meeting with you gives me confidence that I am in safe hands. Thanks for Dr Kuldeep Arora and their team for save my life. Thanks a lot

Dharmendra Kumar Happy Patient

Really grateful to the doctor for treating my husband at the time of emergency after a sudden heart attack. He handled the situation pretty well. I owe great respect and regards for him. The way he guided at each and every step about the treatment is really commendable.

Kiran Happy Patient

Dr. Kuldeep Arora has performed Angioplasty on my 80 year old mother successfully, which any other doctor may have refused considering her age. He is an exemplary person in his field and very polite and understanding. He explained all the situations very clearly which helped us to take decisions quickly. I am grateful and highly recommend him for any Cardiac related problems in Delhi NCR.

Lalit Mohan Happy Patient

Dr Kuldip Arora is a very nice person. He makes you comfortable and provide all the time you need to share your health condition and problem. He is very soft spoken and friendly. He explains the problem and the solution along with the medications required pertinant to each problem. I am very satisfied to have him as my cardiologist.

Bindu Chatterjee Happy Patient

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    Healing Thousands of Life.

    Dr Kuldeep Arora is the best cardiologist in guraon, with over 20+ years of experience in interventional cardiology and healing thousands of life.


    What are some of the risk factors for heart disease?

    The conventional risk factors include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and tobacco use or second hand smoke.

    What Are the Risk Factors for Coronary Artery Disease?

    There are some risk factors that you can’t do anything about. These include:

    • Being male
    • Being a woman who is past menopause
    • Being older
    • Having a family history of heart attack or coronary artery disease

    Can stress cause heart disease?

    Stress can increase the risk of heart disease, although we still do not know how this happens. A sudden physical or emotional stress can certainly lead to an episode of angina or even a heart attack.

    Does smoking increase your risk of heart disease?

    Smoking is a major risk for several diseases including heart disease, stroke, and several cancers. Even low-tar cigarettes and light smoking can increase the risk of heart disease substantially. There are now several alternative approaches to helping people stop smoking. These include nicotine-replacement patches and gum as well as oral medication.

    If you are able to stop smoking, your risk of a heart attack or stroke decreases within a few weeks. The risk goes down to that of a nonsmoker within about two years. In addition, a lot of patients comment that they feel healthier and have more energy after they’ve stopped smoking.

    Do all heart attacks have the same symptoms?

    Most heart attacks start slowly and build up gradually over few minutes time. Heart attacks can be perceived as mild pain or discomfort, including pressure, squeezing, tightness, fullness or pain. The chest discomfort may radiate to the neck, jaw, or arm, and is usually associated with shortness of breath, nausea, diaphoresis and pallor. Diabetics and women may not have the typical symptoms of chest discomfort, and may have only few of the associated features (shortness of breath or nausea, etc)

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